Flavia Coffee Machines

Flavia single-cup coffee brewers are designed to produce one fresh and delicious cup of coffee at a time, easily and with little-to-no cleanup. Each Flavia sealed pack of coffee contains real ground coffee and an individual filter for optimal taste and usage. Simply insert a packet into your Flavia office coffee brewer and have a fresh beverage waiting for you within 40 seconds.

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Enjoy the delicious coffee and tea provided by MARS drinks. Brewed to perfection in FLAVIA Freshpacks. FLAVIA machines use Freshpacks produced by ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS, THE BRIGHT TEA COMPANY, and DOVE Hot Chocolate


Reliable and easy to use. Flexible and portable – can be plumbed or unplumbed. Small and compact. Asleek and stylish look. Perfect partner to the FLAVIA CREATION 400 as an additional brewer in adjacent workplace areas.

Where Customer Service is paramount

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Flavia Service Details:

  • We bring everything you need: creamer, sweetener, special requests. All the brands you want.
  • Napkins, utensils, cups… supplies come to you, with a wide selection of green products.
  • Route Service Representatives tidy up the breakroom, keeping it neat so you can stay on task.
  • Run out of something? Your RSR can deliver little necessities on the spot.
  • Tea and cocoa for the non-coffee drinkers? We've got them covered too.

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